Sasanian Smokehouse Packaging

This box design was done for a specialty product line of smoked salmon. The client requested a window to showcase the product to the consumer on a high-end packaging design. We created an elegant box with gold foil stamping. We emphasized the quality of the product with a custom Satisfaction Guaranteed seal.

Client Testimonial

Nina Marie Creative has been an asset to our company. She is professional, has a great style and works diligently to meet deadlines. I would definitely recommend her as a top marketing and design manager.

Michael J.

Caviar & Caviar

The Process







What to Expect


If you have a product, there is a chance it needs some kind of packaging whether it be a label, tag, box, or bag. Before any design work can be done for your packaging, there is a packaging design consultation. This can be done via phone, email, Skype, or even text message! The purpose of the consultation is to get clear on what your product is, how you would like to package it, how you plan to print the packaging (will you handle printing, or us?) and whatever else may be relevant to your needs so that we can get a good grasp of what you are hoping to achieve with your packaging design project.

After we have a clear idea of what your packaging design needs are, we can give you an official quote. (Estimate pricing on popular graphic design projects can be found here.) If you are interested in letting us handle the printing of the packaging, we can provide a preliminary estimate on printing as well. Most of the time, only 50% of the quote total is due to begin your packaging design project. Included in your packaging design project is 2 concepts and 3 edit rounds. Once the down payment is received, you can expect to have your initial packaging concepts emailed within 2 weeks. From that point we can edit and adjust the concepts as needed to reach your final approved packaging design. You will want to provide any and all feedback you can all at once to make the overall process much quicker and avoid going over the 3 edit rounds.

Once you have approved your packaging design and the final payment has been made your final print-ready packaging file will be emailed to you. If you will be handling your own printing needs, the file will be set up per your specifications. If you are interested in letting us handle the printing for you, a final printing quote will be sent once the final design is approved.

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